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Welding & Fabrication

Over 17 years of experience working with all types of fabricating materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Brass, Copper and Zinc.

With a wide range of tools, experience and welding equipment within our department, we have full confidence in our abilities to create whatever it is you are looking for.

Paired with our experienced automotive technicians, we are able to repair or install any of your fabrication projects here at our shop.


We are constantly growing our department and experimenting with new ideas. Here are a few of the common jobs in our fabrication department. Don’t see your idea below? Contact us for more details.

– Custom Stainless Exhaust
– Any exhaust repairs
– Custom Exhaust manifolds & headers
– Custom Intake manifolds
– Brackets, linkages and plates.
– Aluminium welding & fabrication
– Catalytic converter installs
– Flex pipes
– Turbo and waste-gate flanges/mounting points
– Fine finishing and polishing
– Custom fluid reservoirs and any other custom pipes or hoses, stainless or aluminium.

We have even done a small amount of plastic 3D Printing projects for hard to find parts!


Most of our fabrication projects are charged out at $125 per hour plus materials. Some larger custom jobs can be negotiated with our department leader.