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Your vehicles Full Potential can start right here! With our Knowledge, Experience and Resources, we can help to get you started, or continue with your performance upgrades.
Whether you are looking for a basic inspection, a full engine swap, turbo install or suspension upgrades, we have you covered!

Not only can we mechanically enhance the performance of your vehicle. We can also custom tune your vehicle or verify the performance gains with our Superflow AWD Dyno. Performing a baseline before any mechanical upgrades is a good place to get started, from that we can provide a comparison proving the results you are looking for!

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SHOP LOCAL!! – We are currently working hard to become a local Canadian distributor for many performance parts. We have competitive pricing and availability for many performance and aftermarket brands like COBB, Invidia, Greddy, BC Racing, Link, Mishimoto, StopTech, Boostlabs, Snow Performance and so much more!

Mechanical Work

  • General Maintenance
  • Aftermarket Part Install
  • Wiring and Electrical Work
  • Fabrication & Custom Modifications
  • Can Resource Aftermarket Parts Through Wholesaler
  • Skills & Knowledge for Custom Builds
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