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Maximize the Power and Performance of your Engine

It is a common belief that adding aftermarket parts to your car will instantly add more power without a tune, but this could actually make your engine run worse without a proper tune.

Tuning is Extremely necessary if any after market parts have been installed on your engine because without a tune your vehicles ECU/ECM (Aka: Your cars computer) doesn’t know what the mods are on your vehicle and will continue to operate your vehicle as if everything is stock.
The only way to make your ECU/ECM run your engine for all the aftermarket modifications or parts is with a flash/custom tune.

Whether your Car is Completely stock or heavily modified there are always advantages in tuning a vehicle for more power and toque or better fuel efficiency and in some cases you can have both!

Get the most out of your engine the safest way possible! By writing a custom tune, specifically designed for your vehicle and or modifications, we can ensure your vehicle is running at its optimal performance levels. Whether you are looking for eco, or performance tuning, our highly trained staff can design a custom tune to meet your needs.

If you are still looking for more power out of your engine, we can assist you by providing the best parts available and guide you through the process. We are authorized for tuning on many platforms including, but not limited to COBB Pro Tuner, HP Tuners, UpRev, Alien Tech, MegaSquirt, ECU Tek, Haltech and so much more! We have the ability to tune almost any vehicle locally or remote.

Performance Tuning

  • Includes Pre Tuning Inspection
  • Custom Performance Tuning for Aftermarket Parts
  • Performance Tuning for Stock Vehicles
  • Dyno Tuning Includes AFR & Boost Sensor
  • Datalogs Provided for Each Run
  • Safety is Our Main Objective
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